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RePercussion for Repro-1

February 20, 2020

75 dynamic percussion sounds for Repro-1 by Electric Himalaya

Our good friend Electric Himalaya recently spent some quality time concentrating on the percussive talents of Repro-1. We are now happy to announce the results of his toils into the wee small hours: RePercussion. A compact library of 75 snappy analogue hits ranging from deep, dark kicks to metallic fantasy instruments.

"I love to create synth drums and percussion sounds, and I often turn to them as an anitdote to the countless pads, leads, basses and other typical presets in order to get my bearings again: To have some fun, to create something weird and wonderful yet still usable... Creating RePercussion was an almost cathartic endeavour - I thoroughly enjoyed making this collection of drums, percussive 'plinks' and 'bongs', and I hope you enjoy using them in your tracks!"

Catalina Updates

January 27, 2020

Catalina updates!

As the deadline for notarizing software for macOS 10.15 Catalina comes close, we're releasing updates for all of our plug-ins, either as new versions (ACE, Diva, Hive, Repro, Zebra2/ZebraHZ) or as notarized re-releases (everything else). So if you have a new Mac, or if you upgraded to Catalina already, we recommend that you download all your u-he plug-ins and install them over the existing versions before February 4th, 2020.

Everyone else can enjoy the improvements we've made to ACE, Diva, Hive, Repro, Zebra2 and ZebraHZ. The installers are better and more failsafe, compatibility with macOS dark mode was improved, and many minor niggles have been fixed.

Diva 1.4.4 now has improved multicore support, and new compilers allowed us to further reduce the CPU hit. We also improved compatibility with MPE controllers and implemented the new voice stealing algorithm from Hive – which is just that extra tad more musical! Altogether we think Diva 1.4.4 feels like a whole new synth: Better performance, better playability, better everything.

ACE 1.4.1 underwent a similar treatment to Diva, but the main news is that we can announce tagged presets and an end to mismatched parameters between the Mac, Windows and Linux versions. Yay! Some of your old projects on Windows may need certain automated parameters to be reassigned by hand, but we enclosed a list of changes to help you do that. Again, improvements in voice handling make the new ACE as much joy to play as Diva and Hive!

ZebraHZ 2.9.1 is finally updated to match the recent release of Zebra2, which itself had a few minor bugs fixed. At Hans' request, ZebraHZ 2.9.1 (part of The Dark Zebra soundset) has been extended with some extra modules: there are now 4 Comb filters and 3 Resonators! If you own The Dark Zebra and wish to update, simply request an email with a download link from the My Licenses page.

Repro 1.1.1 has a few minor improvements and crash bugs fixed.

Hive 2.0.1 received major improvements in its UI responsiveness.

Podolski 1.2.2 has been updated with tagged presets and NKS support.

You will find comprehensive accounts of the fixed and remaining issues in the release notes for each plug-in.

Note that the alpha/beta versions of Bazille and Uhbik are already notarized for Catalina. They are available for download in our support forum at KVR.

Linux versions will be posted in our Linux sub-forum on KVR very soon – promise!

Urs & team

You're reading news from 2020.