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Bazille soundsets

New sounds for Bazille

Bazille is our modular playground, based on a unique idea: We applied the concepts of analogue modular synthesis (patch cords...) onto a purely digital engine (FM, PD). The result is a plethora of sonic diversity. Many people have thus developed their own style and their own patching tricks, with lots of nice surprises. In this section we're inviting some of our friends to share their work with you, starting with Aiyn Zahev - and more to follow!



Vectors has you racing along gleaming futuristic highways, accompanied by breathtaking vistas of high-tech cyberpunk cities hiding their dark side behind a veneer of colourful lights.

Created by Aiyn Zahev, Vectors’ EDM/techno roots emanate from the pulsing arpeggios, but it also paints its glassy cityscapes with yearning synth leads and portrays its menacing side with dark, grimy basses.

Vectors contains 60 patches for Bazille that make heavy use of performance features like modwheel, aftertouch and breath control to further shape your sound.

Download the full list of presets and Read Me (PDF).


15 € 

Requires Bazille version 1.1 (or newer).

The sound of Vectors


Aiyn Zahev’s demo track presents a tense, thrilling and brooding sci-fi soundtrack. All sounds from Vectors except drums.

In a Tight Spot

Oddvar’s track shows the action-driven techno side of Vectors. All sounds from Vectors except drums.

About the author

Ever since Sami Rabia formed Aiyn Zahev Sounds back in 2012, his EDM-style presets have reached a surprisingly diverse audience outside of techno genres, and his range of influences for this release has grown to include video game, TV & movie soundtracks.