alleffects - All u-he effects

All Effects Bundle

All u-he effects

This bundle contains all six of our commercial effects plug-ins. A collection including EQ, reverb, compressor, delay, tape emulation, distortion, filtering and more… All the tools you need to tweak, modify, refine your sounds.


Contains 6 plug-ins worth 684€

In the bundle

Colour Copy New
Bucket Brigade Delay.

Compression with musical soul.

Tape emulation / construction kit.

Uhbik Hotfix
Subtle to spectacular suite of 9 effects.

Filterscape Hotfix
Dynamic filter and sound mangling.

MFM2 Hotfix
Ultra-flexible delay.

Please check the individual product pages for system requirements and available formats.

All Effects Bundle


When purchasing the All Effects Bundle you will receive 6 individual plug-ins and separate serial numbers for each plug-in.