zebra2 - The workhorse synth

The workhorse synth

199 €

Zebra2: A synth of all stripes

Zebra2 is a sound-design playground. The powerful, high quality (but still CPU friendly) sound engine and the numerous sound sculpting tools make Zebra2 capable of a near-limitless range of new sounds and textures. A favourite amongst soundtrack composers, producers and sound designers, Zebra2 provides all the tools you need—the rest is up to you.

Zebra2 in the spotlight…

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Zebra2's UI
  • 4 powerful wavetable oscillators (16 waves) with integrated spectral effects
  • 1, 2, 4, or 11 times unison, with detune and stereo spread
  • Polyphonic (up to 16 voices), duophonic or mono and legato modes
  • 4 FM oscillators with 8 alternative waveforms (not only sine)
  • 4 regular filters with 23 different modes
  • 4 cross-modulation filters (XMF)
  • 12-slot modulation matrix with depth modulation from a second source
  • Flexible signal routing: 4×12 main patching grid, 3×6 effects patching grid
  • 4 syncable multi-stage envelope generators (MSEG) with up to 32 segments each
  • 4 assignable XY pads
  • 4 per-voice LFOs plus 2 global LFOs
  • 21 stereo effects: 2× chorus/flanger, 2× delay, 2× EQ, 2× compressor, 2× reverb and more
  • Resizable UI from 70% to 200%
  • MIDI learn page and editable list
  • Over 500 factory presets

Sights and sounds

Zebra is our wireless modular synthesizer. It combines many different types of synthesis with a powerful modulation engine. Imagine —you can create any additive, freehand or spline-based waveform you like, apply a vast selection of spectral effects, morph between those waves and send them through classic synth filters. Perhaps use that entire sound as modulator for an FM oscillator, or route it through a comb filter —the building block of physical modeling synthesis. All generator modules, all signal paths, all effects are stereo.

Why do we love Zebra?



Zebra2 is a wireless modular synthesizer designed for flexibility, ergonomy and low CPU hit. Its Modules only appear while they are in use: Add an oscillator to the patching grid and it will appear on the left, use an LFO for anything and it will appear on the right.

After a little practice you will find programming Zebra2 very comfortable and lightning fast. Which in the end translates to... more fun!

Zebra’s modules are divided into Generators and Modulators, and include freely assignable controls that directly modulate important parameters.

Generators and Modulators in Zebra2 UI

Generators and Modulators in Zebra2's UI


Mix and Match

Zebra2 Grid

Zebra2's Grid

The Grid

The center of the synthesis window is a Grid consisting of four vertical lanes.
This area is used for connecting generators together, whereby the signal flow is top to bottom.
Any module can route signals between lanes.

Add modules, drag them around, and change the routing – it's a playground!

The Mixer

Below the main grid is a 4-channel Mixer.
This is where you adjust pans and volumes, select envelopes,
and the routing to the FX grid for each lane.

There are 3 different routing options for the FX bus. You can also select which envelope to use for each specific lane, and specify modulation for the pan and volume parameters.

Zebra2's Mixer

Zebra2's' Mixer

Lower Pane

The Lower Pane is where you will find Zebra2's global settings and many other features: effects, in-depth controls for oscillators, MSEGs, performance control settings, arpeggiator / sequencer, and the modulation matrix.

Zebra2 - Lower Pane

Zebra2's Lower Pane (Global and FX settings)

The global settings include controls for the main synthesizer's pitch, glide, and voices. A Swing generator and microtuning options are also available.

Next to the global settings is the Effects section. Zebra2 includes Chorus / Phaser, a flexible multi-mode Delay, two different Reverb units, Compressor, and Equalizer. It's also possible to use certain generators as effects, such as Shape, VCF, Dist...

Zebra lets you modulate practically all effect parameters (e.g. reverb size or delay feedback).


In-Depth Editors

Zebra's Wave Editor

Zebra's Wave Editor

Wave Editor

The Wave Editor is where you create your own oscillator waveforms.

Zebra's MSEG Editor

Zebra's MSEG Editor

MSEG Editor

The Multi Stage Envelope Generator is a complex modulation source offering total shape control as well as continuous rate control.

Zebra's MMAP Editor

Zebra's MMAP Editor

MMAP Editor

This is the expanded editor for the MMAP modulator.


Arpeggiate and Sequence

Zebra2 features a fully-fledged arpeggiator and sequencer. Up to 16 steps, with various loop and order options. It also includes two extra values per step, which can be used to modulate any parameter in step with the arpeggiator.

Zebra2 - Arpeggiator

Zebra2's Arpeggiator

Modulation Matrix

All generators in Zebra2 include assignable knobs, but the plug-in also features a Modulation Matrix. This is where you set up any kind of (control rate) modulation. There are 12 modulation slots, allowing many possibilities.

Zebra2 - Arpeggiator

Zebra2's Modulation Matrix



Zebra's Perform Panel

Zebra's Perform Panel

Up for a live performance? Zebra’s Perform panel includes four X/Y pads which can control up to 16 parameters each, all at the same time.

Alternative skin

Zebra's DarkEight Skin

Zebra's DarkEight Skin

With the release of update 2.8, Zebra2 got a new user interface. Apart from the new standard DotEight skin, the plug-in includes an alternative, darker one called DarkEight.

Zebra2 Dinosaur Crossgrade

Unused or unloved vintage gear lying around? Retire and replace your ‘dinosaur’ and save $50 on Zebra2.

Zebra2 dinosaur crossgrade coupon

The Dark Zebra

Add drama and action to Zebra2 with sounds from The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises films.

The Dark Zebra and ZebraHZ


  • Resizable GUI from 70% to 200%
  • MIDI learn page and editable list
  • Global preferences page


Four X/Y pads which can control up to 16 parameters each.


  • 4 powerful wavetable (16) oscillators with integrated spectral effects
  • 1, 2, 4 or 11 times unison, with detune and stereo spread.


  • 4 cross-modulation filters (XMF)
  • 4 regular filters (VCF) with 23 different modes


Flexible signal routing: 4×12 voice patching grid, 3×6 effects patching grid


4 syncable multi-stage envelope generators (MSEG) with up to 32 segments each


21 stereo effects: 2× chorus/flanger, 2×, delay, 2× EQ, 2× compressor, 2× reverb and more


4 per-voice LFOs plus 2 global LFOs


4 expanded ADSR envelopes with extra sustain, loop or release options

Waveform editor

Craft your own waveforms, morph between them, and more...

199 €

Download the demo and enter your serial number to unlock the full version. The demo version emits crackling sound at irregular intervals.

Zebra2 2.8 (revision 7422)
Released May 31, 2018
Release notes

info Linux beta note : Before purchasing, please be aware the Linux versions of our plug-ins are still considered beta. While the plug-ins are stable, we are not able to provide the same level of support for these products as we do for the macOS and Windows versions. Support is provided via the Linux and u-he communities on our forum Link.   CLOSE


Apple logo Mac OS X 10.7 or newer
Windows logo Windows 7 or newer
Linux logo Linux

  • 1GB RAM, more recommended
  • 50MB free disk space
  • 1000 × 600 or larger display
  • Modern CPU (Sandy Bridge or newer recommended)
  • Host software


Zebra2 is not a standalone product, it requires host software. Zebra2 is compatible with nearly all DAWs.

Available as Audio Units (AU), VST2, VST3, AAX (Pro Tools 10.3.7 or later) plug-ins with 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

User Guides

Zebra2 user guides

Downloads for Zebra2

Try the latest builds of Zebra2, which include improvements and bug fixes. Note: these are stable, but still beta versions.

Older Zebra2 installers are in our release archive (for legacy systems).


New sounds for Zebra2

Zebratron soundset


100 Retro Characters

Dark Zebra Soundset Teaser

The Dark Zebra

Sounds from The Dark Knight films

Traveller Soundset Teaser


Eclectic and versatile sounds